Teachers Unions vs Protect Marriage

Let's be clear, Roy Jr. High has one of the highest percentages of union membership in the district.

When, not if, this comes to Utah the unions will be front and center, using those union dues to finance this.


CA Teachers Union Ignites 'Class Warfare' over Prop 8

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the California Teacher's Association (CTA) has no intention of masking its agenda on marriage. The 340,000-member organization -- long considered a powerful branch of the radical Left -- took a risky step yesterday by donating a million dollars to defeat Proposition 8. The gift, which is now the largest contribution by any institutional donor to the ballot issue, raises the stakes in an already tense battle for parents' rights. 

The CTA's own members, whose dues are fueling this opposition, are fuming. Many, like Randy Peart, are questioning what same-sex "marriage" has to do with education. "It bothers me [that they're] spend[ing] my money on something I'm morally opposed to," she said. "Why not put that money into classrooms, into making a better place for these kids?" But according to CTA President David Sanchez, "...[I]t's a civil rights issue." And he's right. This is a civil rights issue -- for children who deserve to be raised by a mother and father. 

The donation, CTA's second, should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who doesn't believe that schools are becoming dangerous incubators for the homosexual cause. If the union will stoop to using its dues to promote the homosexual agenda, then you can bet it will have no reservations about using its classrooms. Just last week, a San Francisco administrator took first graders on a field trip to their teacher's lesbian "wedding." How's that for indoctrination? 

If California schools are promoting "teachable moments" like this for five- and six-year-olds, imagine what the middle and high school curriculums will look like! This is much more than a battle for marriage. It's a last stand for education and parents' rights. The CTA's million dollars will go a long way to undermining the truth. California families need your help! Log on towww.protectmarriage.com and educate yourself about the issues at stake in this fight.

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