14 yr old Girl Raped by Cousin, Tired for Adultry, and Whipped to Death

This is the face of EVIL. This is the culture that we are inviting to our shores, supporting all over the world, and will be punished by if things keep going the way they are.

The imam at the local mosque said she was guilty of having an affair with a married man. Her family said she was raped. The imam disagreed. He ordered a fatwa: 101 public lashes. She lasted only 70.
  • 14-year-old Hena Akhter was found guilty of adultery and sentenced to 101 public lashes under Shariah law.
  • She died from being flogged — despite Shariah law being outlawed in Bangladesh — but doctors tried to cover that up.
  • Her family claims she was raped by a cousin.
  • Police are now "investigating" the incident.
Not only was she raped by her own relative, but the Islamic community supported her torture and murder by covering up the cause of death, "an initial autopsy report cited no injuries and deemed her death a suicide".

This would be an outrage if the press had any courage whatsoever. Instead, they just cower and write fatuous stories about how bad America is.

I thought the grand liberal chant was, "It's for the children." See how little they really care.


I apologize: Obamulus does work

As it turns out the people at Red Square set me straight about all of Obama's Marxist programs. Yes, it was me, I was looking at the Stimulus as a massive black hole where billions of our tax dollars were lavished uselessly on make-work projects that expand the federal bureaucracy and provide huge cash flow to democrat political campaigns and propaganda.
This graphic vividly demonstrates just how successful Stimulus was. BTW: Stimulus is now the name for a thing, like Godzilla and Helen Thomas.


Who doesn't like communal puddin'?

Okay, just how sanitary is this? A giant mound of communal puddin'. Yum!

You're gonna have to burn that uniform to get the commie off.

One look says it all. Our soldiers are not stupid and they know you are playing them for the fool.
Your strategy is to deplete the military and ruin morale.
It won't work. The American Serviceman believes in something bigger than your ego; they believe in American greatness and the God who blessed this land. Long after your moment is gone there will be an accounting. We can wait.

Where have all the lefties gone?

Those Who Forget History Will Get Their Junk Squeezed

In preparation of the upcoming vacation season means everyday citizens will be traveling by air.
The great news is that it's OPEN GROPE SEASON!

What disturbs me the most is that amidst an avalanche of world uprising and murder, getting groped by the TSA isn't even an issue anymore.
I used to get a laugh by calling the leader of the free world, 'Present Jimmy O'bama', after the most inept president ever. This isn't funny anymore. In just the space of a few years we've gone from steering a progressive agenda off the cliff with Bush to kicking in the afterburner and heading straight for the bottom. The leftist glee of seeing if we can break the speed of sound before pounding straight into the desert floor of death and ruin is suicidal.
Even in NY, when stupid, intrusive, laws begin to affect 'them', suddenly the proggers are all about reform. Instead, they get a good re-wording.
"Our big, loving federal government picked up the same concept - only now it upgraded it from "random" to "universal - or as they say in New York, "the whole schmear." ...
"After a few short months even the progressive New Yorkers found the practical implementation of their own ideas of fairness and redistributive justice too absurd to continue."

It was a given that after a dismal election, an avowed Marxist revolutionary was now the president elect. Everyone knew what he was. Some agreed, some in vapid denial, most were appalled. The progressives got what they told us we wanted, problem is, once they sell a pack of lies they have to constantly upgrade those lies using truth as the hook--which immediately gets discarded.
"As we can see, even the toughest proponents of utopian relativist morality still need to rely on absolute standards in order to survive and advance their careers. No one can live on junk values alone; that utopian world exists entirely at the expense of the reality-based universe. Those who claim to live solely by impossible utopian principles are only deluding themselves and the others."
Now, as the State rises in power, and more Americans find themselves in poverty and chains than anybody will dare admit, folks are too overwhelmed to even care. They are further pressed into the cognitive dissonance of accepting a utopian worldview because the alternative might mean work. Commitment and work.
The TSA has just been unionized.
We can now expect an exponential expansion in numbers and uses of 'check point searches'. Proggers will be the ones demanding it. Proggers will beg for slavery.
For those Obamaites, how does it feel to get your junk squeezed as a slave now?
For the rest of us: Love, pray, serve, and be patient. God will punish the wicked with the wicked.


Full digital access to NYT.com to cost $455

What a terrific idea!
Charge for content nobody wanted to read when it was free.

Hint: try what the WSJ is doing by providing quality content from respected and OBJECTIVE reporting.

What NYT seems to not understand is that they're not government. When revenues go down they cannot raise taxes and have an army of thugs to ensure that you pay up.
The NYT cannot raise prices and demand more people buy something that they didn't really want for free.

Double down on stupid.