Did I do that?

Equal Opportunity Dummocrats

In a time where so much is being made about our first black president, Ann Coulter made the following observation in her column of 2/25/2009:
"But as long as the nation is obsessed with historic milestones, is no one going to remark on what a great country it is where a mentally retarded woman can become speaker of the house?"


Smarter by Half

I've always felt that true wisdom is separate from gathered intelligence in that a moral compass allows and individual to sort out truth from delusion. Case in point is this article, which also paraphrases Krauthammer's assessment of the same: Obama is an intellectual incompetent because he lacks a basic moral grasp on important subjects.

From JWR, 3/17/09
The reason we have too few solutions to the problems that confront people — in their personal lives as well as in the political realm — is almost entirely due to a lack of common sense, psychological impediments to clear thinking, a perverse value system, to a lack of self-control, or all four. It is almost never due to a lack of brainpower. On the contrary, the smartest and the best educated frequently make things worse.


What's the Difference Between Jesus and Obama?

Jesus knew how to build a cabinet...