Large Pink Bureaucrat Cornered in Lie

Milkulski, that large pink bureaucrat, wants to spend you tax dollars to fund abortions.
She is really squirming up there.

Of course abortion is the only way for Democrats to keep the black population down.
Poverty and genocide.
Neat trick Dems.


Now for something completely different

Was thinking about what might be going on behind closed doors in congress at any given time.


Atheism is a parasite on Religion

Atheism cannot survive on it's own. It needs something to ridicule and mock for it to give itself credibility. If Atheism ever overthrows religion, then some other belief system will rush in to take its place. Tarot cards, tea leaves, or sheep guts, the void left by a positive, legitimate, and uplifting system of law and beliefs will be filled by the destructive, amoral, and degrading.

The further we stray from the ability to think clearly, the more easily venal politicians can lead the people into captivity and away from God.

Education, real education, cannot exclude the Scriptures or mention of He who gave them.

Who has been thinking lately about how far from rational thinking our politics have gone. Socialization of everything and a dismissal of God.

Our new gods are junk science and litigiousness.

...[T]he prevalence of indiscipline and disease in a community leads... to the opening of law courts and surgeries in large numbers, and law and medicine begin to give themselves airs, especially when they are taken with great seriousness even by free men...

...[W]hen not only the lower classes as manual workers, but also those who have some pretensions to a liberal education, need skilled doctors and lawyers, that is a pretty conclusive proof that the education in a state is disgracefully bad.
-- The Republic, Book III, By Plato; Desmond Lee, Henry Desmond Pritchard Lee. p.102

This is a great example of just how easily poorly educated people embrace their own enslavement.

ACORN Sure knows alot about nothing