China builds super-scary-secret-weapon...

...That we've known about for 40 years.

Couldn't resist. Getting sick of all these diversions around the world that our political advertising systems uses to help drive us over the cliff.

Posted on December 17, 2011 at 8:16am

All this hand-wringing over a retrofitted scrap of 1980′s era Soviet engineering? Those Soviet clowns couldn‘t even properly build things they’d been stealing from us since the 1920′s. That so-called ‘stealth’ plane they rolled out looked more like an anvil with an engine. They can steal our technology, but they can’t steal our innovation. That has to be done from within. And, it is.
China is just getting ready to pick up the pieces after we self destruct. Diversion will be their best weapon.
The only problem is that China is self destructing also. Whole ‘planned communist paradise cities’ are uninhabited. Tens of thousands workers lie dead, mostly buried alive, in China’s proletariat dream. Close to 200,000 protests in less than a decade; where workers would rather face the end of a gun than work in these hell holes.
Let‘s not forget that China’s hell hole work environment is courtesy of United States Unions, who have forced labor overseas for the sake of their own power. We share in the blood shed for global Communism. But, through our dept, we in a sense own them.
So, when we get upset over a 40yr. old scrap heap retrofitted by a nation of slaves, remember: IT IS A DIVERSION.

The most obvious answer is to fix ourselves first.
Is China planning of taking Taiwan? When haven't they been? What FDR failed to do in the 1940's, Obama may succeed in doing if reelected. But, who cares? Walmart is having a sale...