R.J. Obama: Whose 4$$ 2 Kick...

Oh, no!! It's Jimmy Carter 2010!!!


Hypocrisy at its most spectacular

Ya gotta hand it to Jimmy O'Bama, what he lacks in competence, he makes up for with ineptitude.

The obvious thing about Marxists is that their arrogance in thinking that they are the smartest most reasoned people on earth is what their greatest weakness has become. For buying into that pile on nonsense, a socialist is by nature incapable of thinking a problem to it's logical conclusion. This surreal habit of projection (pointing out your own faults in others) is where reason takes a holiday.

Fifty four Democratic senators wrote to BP's chief executive, Tony Hayward, demanding that BP put an initial $20bn into a ring-fenced fund. Although BP has pledged to pay clean-up costs and damages, "history has taught us that corporations often fail to live up to their initial promises", the lawmakers wrote. They demanded a response by Friday.

Corporations?? Let's first say that the democrat congress hasn't a leg to stand on with a stupid statement like that.

Second, BP was one of B.O.'s largest campaign contributor, which then makes it political; as with any other large corporation that employs armies of lobbyists. This is fascism, not a republic. This will not end well.