Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities

Enough of this world's foolishness. It is time to take responsibility for ones own actions.

Beck is dead-on right. It is time for the idiots of the world to stop blaming good people when these idiots bring bad consequences upon themselves because of their own irresponsibility.

Thus, we the people do hereby declare not only our rights, but do now establish this bill of responsibilities.

1. Because I have the right to choose, I recognize that I am accountable to God and have the responsibility to keep the 10 commandments in my own life.

2. Because I have the right to worship as I choose, I have the responsibility to honor the right of others to worship as they see fit.

3. Because I have freedom of speech, I have the responsibility to defend the speech of others, even if I strongly disagree with what they’re saying.

4. Because I have the right to pursue happiness, I have the responsibility to show humility and express gratitude for all the blessings I enjoy and the rights I’ve been given.

5. Because I have the right to honest and good government I will seek out honest and just representatives when possible. If I cannot find one then I accept the responsibility to take that place.

6. Because I have the God given right to liberty, I have the personal responsibility to have the courage to defend others to be secure in their persons, lives and property.

7. Because I have the right to equal justice, I will stand for those who are wrongly accused or unjustly blamed.

8. Because I have the right to knowledge, I will be accountable for myself and my children’s education…to live our lives in such a way that insures the continuation of truth.

9. Because I have the right to pursue my dreams and keep the fruits of my labor, I have the responsibility to feed, protect and shelter my family, the less fortunate, the fatherless, the old and infirm.

10. Because I have a right to the truth, I will not bear false witness nor will I stand idly by as others do.

Many people like slavery because they have everything handed to them and they never have to make any difficult decisions. Problem is, when your usefulness as a slave is no longer needed, you become a liability. They shoot you, or more likely, just starve you to death.


Dem Rep Cites ‘Racism’ as Top Reason for Black Unemployment

First, why would anyone elect some fool in a shiny red hat.

Who only cares about color in America today as a way of fracturing society and fomenting hatred?
Oh, the racist slave owners, *cough-democrats*.

Who cares what color you are when it comes to denying some people a quality education?
Oh, the racist slave owners, *cough-democrats*.

Who advocates the targeted abortions for one particular community?
Oh, the racist slave owners, *cough-democrats*.

All REAL Americans want is competent, hard working, educated, and capable citizens.
No matter what color.

All REAL Americans want is for their fellows to join together and support the greatest nation the world has ever seen.
No matter what color.

Why is it so hard to see that the people pretending to be helping the black community are actually herding them into a plantation of the mind.

Willful slavery is something that this world hasn't seen to this degree, ever. We often state that the last civil war was fought to free the slaves. Did you ever think that the next civil war will be fought to set free slaves who will be fighting to remain slaves. Of every color.

In reality, though, roughly 1/2 of the entire American population has become a slave of the mind. The people who have lost interest in freedom and only want a handout. This is no longer a black-white issue. This is a 'those-who-get-it' issue and a 'those-who-are-wondering-what's-on-TV-right-now'.

By fracturing society and dividing people into smaller, more self-important, insular groups, the slave owners are sapping your life away. Who will care about Social Security or Medicare when the government collapses from millions of paper cuts. How can the slave owners maintain power when they've finally squeezed the last dollar out of the working man and handed it over to the idle male.