Tired of looking up his nose yet?

An oldie, but a goodie.

Barack Obama snob by Modphotos2008.

This is the kind of people you get who've never had a real job...



Peaceful Happy Spots

We should be more tolerant of Happy Spots.
They have every right to coexist in our bodies and society.
Just ask France.
Okay, how about Germany?
Um, all of Eastern Europe?
I've got it, let's ask Israel how coexistence is working out...
Maybe Daniel Pearl might have something to say about it.

Keynesian Economics just an excuse to steal

Keynesian Economics is an idea that Big Government can confiscate money and redistribute it.
This is like me running a hose from my car's exhaust to your gas tank and saying my car is more efficient than yours.
If you want a strong economy, it has always been proven that you give the private sector the ability to grow. They, and only they, can create wealth. Government cannot ever create wealth. The only progeny that Satan has ever had are those he'd steal. The only money the government has is that which it confiscates.

So, the real question is why does our Government keep telling us that their spending money will bring prosperity? Probably the same people who tell you that all your dreams can come true if you become an AMWAY distributor. For a small initial fee, of course.



Is there a Thanks Czar now?

Our B+ President? Where A's are C's, maybe...

Obama gave himself a B+ the other day. Perhaps if you call an "A" 70%. Obama is a dismal failure and the public strongly disapproves of him for the most part. Now, you have to ask yourself how this narcissistic empty suit who has been propped up entirely by the fawning, horribly biased, mainstream media, one thing: "What would Obama's ratings be if he had been subjected to the MSM hammering Bush had?"

My answer: "His ratings would be lower than Nancy Pelosi's."

Obama has found himself lost in America and he has no place in it. We deserve better. Better media coverage. Better representation. Better opportunity for the vast majority of hard working, overtaxed, over regulated, people of America.

The America that Obama has never learned about.
Typical Americans who are honest, religious, and giving.
Americans that are roundly despised by the socialist elite for wearing work clothes rather than silk suits. For working with their hands and minds rather than stealing that increase through legislation and intimidation.

Liberal do nothings that are making one of the most alarming power-grabs in free America since FDR.

As Oberman calls conservatives a 'Mountebank', he really needs to look at his President. The grand master of fraud and deception. But, as any town becomes wise, eventually, to their resident Mountebank, so have we. Throw Obama out now.

"You, SIR, need to go. NOW"
And take that agriculture school sub graduate, basketball wanna-be, liberal sycophant, with you.


Obama's 11 month decline

Not only is almost 1/2 the country now saying that they'd rather have Bush back in office. We now find out that Moody's has issued a warning to the US that they are endanger of loosing their AAA status and being downgraded to AA. Which, according to Krauthammer, is where Banana Republics and Greece are at. In less than a year the messiah of all hope and change had delivered vapor hope and negative change. He has succeeded in spending up the debt to levels equal to all debt combined since the US was founded in just 11 months.
Wonder if Oberman has any, "You, SIR..." comments for someone who is easily the greatest threat to America in the history of this republic.