Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Lectures America

International politics: just when the limits of credulity are seemingly pushed beyond the rational, in steps Martin Jaques, a London frog, who has the temerity to lecture the US on "How to Bow".

Why America Must Learn to Bow

Not only is this piece completely detached from reality, it also hails B.O. as the one who possesses that "rare characteristic, humility". What person he must be referring to is a mystery since the current occupant of the White Hose is widely regarded as the most narcissistic president ever, even exceeding our buddy Bill.

This CESM continues to lecture us about the inevitability of Chinese domination and how we need to learn to get along. Along with what? Why should we, the most successful nation in the world, in history, which got there by bottom up governance (which if B.O. got his wish would end, but I digress), capitulate to a totalitarian top down dictatorship?

It makes no sense. Unless you were French, whose people have been playing with socialist governments ever since the revolution.

He praises China for knowing what it is doing and that the US does not. That is just insane. CESM is just repeating the talking points China releases from a top down command structure. Conform or die. Except that the Law of Unintended Consequences never allows for total control. The good guy gets a vote.

It's like watching the evil super villain explaining how, after dispatching the good guy, he will do A, B, and then C, with a malevolent full bellied laugh. We all know how it will end. Except for the bad guy. In the end totalitarian dictators never saw it coming. Just ask Cesar.

Problem is, you just can't control whole societies. But, some people will never give up trying. These are the people who genuinely think that they are smarter, more gifted, and darn it, people just like 'em. They convince large numbers of people to follow them into the void.

China once had a shot at being great. His name was Chang Kai Shek. Had another socialist, FDR, chosen to back him instead of the murdering Mao (is 40-50 million dead a qualifier for the greatest mass murderer in history?) we would have a democratic China.

Take one look at Taiwan, when Chang took his supporters and gave them governance. Can you imagine a China like Taiwan?

That is something that a CESM like Martin cannot even grasp.

We don't have to bow to anyone. America looks their fellows in the eye and those countries who are able to stand erect can do so. China is playing democracy, but control freaks creep in, kill a few thousand here or there and it's back to the status quo. Just ask the Christians.

Chinese Communists continue to oppress their people, they continue to murder, imprison and confiscate private labor. For a country that has four times the population and plenty of natural resources, you'd think that they could impress us with prosperity.

Instead, we have some little man banging a tin drum with nothing to show for it.



Fascist Unions are an Oxymoron

Fascism is a term used widely by the Liberals to denounce Capitalists (a Marxist term) when in fact both terms are misleading. The word Fascist comes from the Italian word, fascio, which has been cleansed of its original use: Unions.
Fascio (plural: fasci) is an Italian word literally meaning "fagot" (as in a bundle of sticks)[1], and figuratively "league", and which was used in the late 19th century to refer to political groups of many different (and sometimes opposing) orientations. A number of nationalist fasci later evolved into the 20th century movement known as fascism.
The idea that Fascism was nationalistic is a bit misleading as well. A union, like Stalin's Soviet Union rely on "The Cult of Personality" to control people through rhetoric and manipulation; eventually resorting to brute force and genocide.

Like Mussolini, Stalin and Mao, Obama has become the state to many. Pharaoh was often referred to as Egypt. Hitler was Germany, Mussolini was Italy. When these countries finally fell, it was like a spell had been lifted, according to historical accounts. When I see celebrities and small school children worshiping Obama, I see a fascist.

Nationalism, therefore, cannot be Patriotism. It's like seeing a UAW bumper sticker next to an American flag. The two are mutually exclusive in this regard: The United States is all about FREEDOM, Unions are all about COERCION. While claiming collective bargaining against large corporations, the leadership actually uses the friction to create fear. Fear equals cash. Union members are known as the proletariat, when in the real world they've become the serfs.

Conservatives are patriots because they worship the true God of the land. Free principles like those contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Concepts discussed in The Federalist Papers. Ideas of freedom that have only come from Christianity. This is the real battle. A free society must be a moral one.

For example, the secret ballot. A small bit of freedom used within unions to promote the expression of ideas that may be unpopular. Why are unions so against the secret ballot? Because without the secret ballot a union can express unilateral control. If you don't like a union, or what it is doing, and vote against; with a non-secret ballot, you will be revealed. As anyone knows who has openly opposed a union there are consequences. Threats, destruction of property or beatings and sometimes death occur. Is that moral? How does that make a union for the little guy?

Unions, like Fascism, are both ultra left. Big government, total control over business, production; what people say, speak, and think (hate crimes, political correctness, msm bias).

Wilson's Blue Eagle program, Hoover's square deal, FDR's New Deal, LBJ's Great Society. Obama's TARP, Stimulus, Health Care, and ACORN, are all part of the same plan to remove funds from the productive sector and pump it into fascist, non productive sectors; Keynesian style.

So, in giving unions greater control over America are we going to become more prosperous or less? The Union thugs will enjoy a moment of unearned prosperity at the expense of someone else, but that can't last. Unions are Fascist. Fascism is dependent on the Cult of Personality. When the false god of the land is eventually revealed, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Obama, and all the others, the people turn on them and tear them to pieces. (Obama's poll numbers are the lowest of any first year president polled).

Is that what it will take to defeat the massive corruption going on in Washington today? A complete collapse of society as our Anointed One leads us into the Chicago, or Detroit, pit?


Why Detroit Sucks

This is why I've made a commitment to by cars made in America, NOT amerika.