Catching Up

  • 11 October 2008
Fox News looks into the vicious Dems accusations of Troopergate.
Tempest in a teapot and a petty game of 'gotcha by the incredibly biased Mr. French.
(Not to be confused with THE Mr. French)

  • 10 October 2008

about Gov. Palin's 'abuse of power' and how she unlawfully fired Alaska State Trooper Wooten and his boss Walter Monegan?
Troopergate? Like the Clinton's? Well, almost, except for the unlawful part. Oh, and then those dead Trooper bodies lying all over Arkansas and stuff.
Odd, isn't it, how the Democrats keep accusing Republicans of shadows of their own horrors? This is no exception:

Oh, and for the record, the only people who see misconduct are the ones who are working for the Obama campaign (in their own twisted ways). Gov. Palin was completely within her rights to turn the bum out for tasering his son.

Beware the Obumbler, my constituency!
The gaffs that blight, the ums & aahs that plight!
Beware the Biden bird, and scam.
The frumious Dumocratch.

But truly fear the candidate you know NOTHING about:
If this does not wake you up, nothing will.
  • 09 October 2008
Let's introduce you to the Prop.8 resource page:
  • 07 October 2008

Churches are spending/raising millions in California to defeat Prop. 8
This is very serious.
What happens in California does NOT stay in California. We will get this eventually if we don't push back now.
  • 05 October 2008
While everyone is decrying the fall on Wall Street, the elephant in the room is in fact, a jackass:
What is even more enraging is that SanFranNan (the horribly corrupt Pelosi) had her offices besieged with 90,000 calls ~84,000 of which were constituents who did not want the bailout. Instead of respecting the wishes of those who elected her (aside from illegals and the dead), she then lectured her subjects on just how stupid they were and why someone of her enlightened state of being chose to support CrapSandwich2.0.
...ran out of time. I'll get the vid tomorrow.
  • 04 October 2008
With all the banking woes, it sometimes helps to think of what matters most:

I can envision the day, in generations ahead, when I can regard them, my children and grandchildren, struggling with the challenges of life. I might see them going the full distance of mortality without becoming either well known or well compensated. I can see myself fall to my knees to thank a generous God that my prayers have been answered, that they are truly successful and happy. – Boyd K. Packer, Quorum of the Twelve, New Era, Aug.1989, pp. 4-6
  • 03 October 2008
    Well, if this don't beat all:
  • We're Screwed '08
    Michelle Malkin and friends talk about the $700 billion CrapSandwich2.0 we eat. Thanks to you kind senators; 263 - 171 for the pork-laden, earmark-riddled, no-responsibility, do- nothing, bailout. It's like amputating the wrong arm.
    She even mentions that Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarnennedy is asking for $7 billion to bail his state out. I say we sell San Francisco to the Chi-Coms since the transition to communism would only be in name only. That goes for Berzerkly as well. Then, ship all the illegals up there. At least the Chinese know how to take care of their illegal immigration problems. That leads me to wonder how all those feminists up there, who so adore communism (code pink), will cotton to the Chi-Com practice of aborting (which they also love, being so choicey) females overwhelmingly. But, this is really off topic now...

    What Arnold seems to have forgotten, is that when Americans don't have enough money to pay their bills they spend less. I know, I know... what a silly idea that is.
    And so, back to CrapSandwich 2.0 that our representatives so lovingly crafted. Americans know that to keep the economy running smoothly, you money needs liquidity, not tied up in some foreclosed property that's been trashed and won't sell for even half its market value.
    We also know that the Democrats caused this, with very little Republican help. This is because, early on, when suicidal loan practices were forced upon the mortgage industry, Barak Obama was leading the charge against CitiBank that rightly denied loans to bad credit risks, not Negroes. When the Clinton administration finished destroying the banks ability to remain profitable, they knowingly paved the way to nationalizing the banking system.
    Hello Andrew Jackson! (who by the way, was the first Martin VanBuren Democrat. VanBuren (the Little Magician) is recognized as the guy who introduced the spoils system 'as a way of buying off votes' into politics). Jackson viewed banks as eeveel, and set about dismantling the BUS -- Bank of the United States -- and tried to go to 'hard currency' aka gold. His goal was political patronage from the well monied banks and the power they would wield against foes. He wanted a national bank that the Democrat leaders could control and milk. This also, in 1829, threatened state sovereignty. Whadda know...

    What this all means is that now the banking sector is being nationalized, and the Democrats have been shamelessly using the spoils system to lock in power (verses having, say, a good idea or two) we will have Freddie & Fannie on steroids in ten years. Forget regulation. It ain't gonna happen, not when there's all that free money for political campaigns and the taxpayers will always be happy to eat CrapSandwich 2.1, 2.2, etc...


    This guy (anonymous) makes a lot of sense! (Kinda long, but worth the read)

    23 September 2008
Editors?! We don't need no stinkn' editors!!


Thanks America

Sent on by a real time-traveling American...

Thank you America!

I am now living in the year 2010, and have looked over the past two years under President Barack Obama. I am sending this email back in time to the voters of 2008 in an effort to thank them for voting this man to be our President.

I have to thank you for the fact that I’m paying 15% more in taxes now than I did two years ago.

I have to thank you because now that we’ve shamefully pulled our soldiers out of Iraq, and given terrorists control and confidence, my son now looks forward to being sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan to do more of the same, and probably shamefully come home from that as well, if he lives to come home at all.

I have to thank you for reminding me that the lack of energy is my fault, that I didn’t inflate my tires properly, and that I should be grateful to pay $6.00 a gallon at the pump for terrorist fuel.

I want to thank you for socialized medicine. Not only do I still have to pay for it, but now I get to pay for everyone else’s too. And I wait three times as long for a doctor who’s even more incompetent than the one I used to have.

I want to thank you for helping me shut down my small business due to the higher taxes, stricter regulations, and health insurance requirements which we couldn’t meet. I now owe the government more money than ever, and I may even lose my house this month. My former employees are still looking for jobs, but since so many other small businesses have gone under, unemployment is at an all time high, and there aren’t many jobs available for anyone. I’ve recommended that they apply for a job at the I.R.S. They’re hiring like crazy right now.

I want to thank you for making sure you keep guns out of my hands so that criminals have more confidence when they break into my house, and hold up convenience stores.

I want to thank you for not only teaching my little girl at a tender early age about sex, and how it’s ok before you’re married, but now you’ve provided her with the tools and outlets to help her murder my unborn grandson without me even knowing about it.

I want to thank you for saving social security at a cost of an extra 12.4% per paycheck. At this rate I should have nothing to retire on so I’ll definitely need it.

I want to thank you for taking personal responsibility away from Americans in general. It was just getting to be too much work. It’s so much easier now that we have no say in anything anymore.

Thanks for taking away our rights, our sovereignty, our strength, and our morals. Thanks for destroying our freedoms, our constitution, our families and our religion. Thanks for raping our children’s future in the name of saving the environment. Thanks for destroying the sacrifice of our ancestors because you were too lazy and selfish to make any sacrifice at all. Thanks for destroying the last safe haven on earth, the center for peace and freedom, the light that showed the way to the rest of the world. Thanks for destroying faith, hope and charity.

In essence, thanks for nothing!

I hope this letter finds you all in good spirits, because by the time you reach 2010, there will be nothing left to feel good about.


The Future