Californians sitting on a gold mine (oil) propose, yet, higher taxation

Okay, riddle me this: California is once again beset with out of control spending and the fiscal responsibility of, well, their educational system.
Instead of cutting spending, which you and I would be forced to do, the Governator has decided to raise taxes--again.

California ALSO has so much oil that it is continually leaking into the oceans and polluting shorelines like Santa Barbara.

Wouldn't it make sense if Californians demanded that all this oil be pumped and sold on a market that is again moving past $40 and likely to hit $80 by this Summer?

The Saudi's don't seem to have a problem with selling oil to anyone. All that money they make comes from taking something from their back yard that they can't and won't use. By converting it into massive wealth they prove that oil is a lucrative business (duh). A good deal of that wealth is used for good. An appreciable amount is not. We would like to curtail the not part.

Would California oil help their economy? yep
Remove our dependence on foreign oil? to a degree
Provide a source of high paying jobs? ask those oil dudes in Wyoming
Provide immediate energy solutions for a state that has the most cars? Honk

Solving California's budget shortfall and helping the U.S. generally would solve too many problems that keep politicians Dumbascrap.

Of course they won't try it.

The Inaugural I Want to Hear...