Pray for Jimmy O'bama

Bumper sticker reads:

"Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".

Psalm 109:8
"Let his days be few; and let another take office. "

The beauty of this is that to Liberals, a quote from the Bible might as well be written in invisible ink.


Now that someone at HuffyPo actually looked it up they've gotten their knickers in a knot.

They are suggesting that "Christians are calling for the assassination of Obama".

Wait, who was it that openly supported and even offered to assassinate GWB?

The Libs.

Who even made a movie, wrote vitriolic articles, and went on every TV program imaginable to support that idea?

The Libs.

So, the shoe's on the other foot. Except for one thing. We (conservatives) aren't insane like you. What scares a Lib is that there might be someone out there more nuts and hateful than they are.

Rest assured, dear Libs, there are none. Except for your pals in Al-Queada.

If you read the entire scripture, which is like Kryptonite to a Lib, it is David's prayer for the Lord to confound his enemies. He is asking for the Lord to help him out.

Since Libs don't believe in god, then Jimmy O'bama will do just fine. Or, in a worst case scenario, the god they worship being Jimmy O'bama himself would be asked to commit suicide.

But we all know that with rationed health care, nobody will be asked to do that until they're over 65. Your messiah still has plenty of time .

Nothing to worry about here, just the rantings of a Christian. Unless you really don't believe what you say you do, progressivism, secularism, socialism.

In that case, I'll pray for you.