Vote Values, Vote For What You Believe In.

I suppose that everyone votes for what they believe in. At least here in America. Some people believe in nothing and their vote usually goes for the nihilist. Since the beginning of time, evil has known this also. Evil must lie and deceive; it threatens, coheres, and creates chaos. Same with CNN, some say. The tares grow next to the wheat. Lies stand beside the truth. Lies wear the popular clothing of the day. Truth is plainly dressed. Lies mock. Truth invites.

This video explains that all people must line up what things they consider important and thoughtfully compare all choices. Don't just emotionally exclaim, "I want change!" That means nothing.
Less than nothing. Change is equal to chaos when it has no moral grounding. It is revolution, bloodshed, upheaval.

Good change is a process. It is truthful, considerate, and realizes that everything it chooses necessarily means that another was shunned. A wise man considers the cost and then makes the change. Only a fool will tear his house down for change only to realize that he didn't count the cost.

What is important to YOU? What things do you value? What are you grateful for? Can you count the cost and decide rationally? Visit this site for more info Click Here

Prop.8 exposes anti's lies

This new ad exposes the lies about your children being propaganda pawns and their forced indoctrination.


McCain the Stalwart

Charles Krauthammer :: Townhall.com Columnist

by Charles Krauthammer
Friday, October 24, 2008

WASHINGTON -- Contrarian that I am, I'm voting for John McCain. I'm not talking about bucking the polls or the media consensus that it's over before it's over. I'm talking about bucking the rush of wet-fingered conservatives leaping to Barack Obama before they're left out in the cold without a single state dinner for the next four years.

I stand athwart the rush of conservative ship-jumpers of every stripe -- neo (Ken Adelman), moderate (Colin Powell), genetic/ironic (Christopher Buckley) and socialist/atheist (Christopher Hitchens) -- yelling "Stop!" I shall have no part of this motley crew. I will go down with the McCain ship. I'd rather lose an election than lose my bearings.

First, I'll have no truck with the phony case ginned up to rationalize voting for the most liberal and inexperienced presidential nominee in living memory. The "erratic" temperament issue, for example. As if McCain's risky and unsuccessful but in no way irrational attempt to tactically maneuver his way through the economic tsunami that came crashing down a month ago renders unfit for office a man who demonstrated the most admirable equanimity and courage in the face of unimaginable pressures as a prisoner of war, and who later steadily navigated innumerable challenges and setbacks, not the least of which was the collapse of his campaign just a year ago.

McCain the "erratic" is a cheap Obama talking point. The 40-year record testifies to McCain the stalwart.

Nor will I countenance the "dirty campaign" pretense. The double standard here is stunning. Obama ran a scurrilous Spanish-language ad falsely associating McCain with anti-Hispanic slurs. Another ad falsely claimed McCain supports "cutting Social Security benefits in half." And for months Democrats insisted that McCain sought 100 years of war in Iraq.

McCain's critics are offended that he raised the issue of William Ayers. What's astonishing is that Obama was himself not offended by William Ayers.

Moreover, the most remarkable of all tactical choices of this election season is the attack that never was. Out of extreme (and unnecessary) conscientiousness, McCain refused to raise the legitimate issue of Obama's most egregious association -- with the race-baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Dirty campaigning, indeed.

The case for McCain is straightforward. The financial crisis has made us forget, or just blindly deny, how dangerous the world out there is. We have a generations-long struggle with Islamic jihadism. An apocalyptic soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. A nuclear-armed Pakistan in danger of fragmentation. A rising Russia pushing the limits of revanchism. Plus the sure-to-come Falklands-like surprise popping out of nowhere.

Who do you want answering that phone at 3 a.m.? A man who's been cramming on these issues for the last year, who's never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., the Berlin Wall came down because of "a world that stands as one"), and who refers to the most deliberate act of war since Pearl Harbor as "the tragedy of 9/11," a term more appropriate for a bus accident?

Or do you want a man who is the most prepared, most knowledgeable, most serious foreign policy thinker in the United States Senate? A man who not only has the best instincts, but has the honor and the courage to, yes, put country first, as when he carried the lonely fight for the surge that turned Iraq from catastrophic defeat into achievable strategic victory?

There's just no comparison. Obama's own running mate warned this week that Obama's youth and inexperience will invite a crisis -- indeed a crisis "generated" precisely to test him. Can you be serious about national security and vote on Nov. 4 to invite that test?

And how will he pass it? Well, how has he fared on the only two significant foreign policy tests he has faced since he's been in the Senate? The first was the surge. Obama failed spectacularly. He not only opposed it. He tried to denigrate it, stop it and, finally, deny its success.

The second test was Georgia, to which Obama responded instinctively with evenhanded moral equivalence, urging restraint on both sides. McCain did not have to consult his advisers to instantly identify the aggressor.

Today's economic crisis, like every other in our history, will in time pass. But the barbarians will still be at the gates. Whom do you want on the parapet? I'm for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb.

Slo' Joe, the gift that keeps giving; and tipping.

Transcript of Joe Biden, or as Ann Coulter says his secret service nick name is, "Assassination Insurance" BTW, isn't assassin and Arabic word?
Anyway, here's what Slo'Joe managed to ramble off:

And here's the point I want to make. Mark my words. Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he's gonna have to make some really tough - I don't know what the decision's gonna be, but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it's gonna happen. I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate. And he's gonna need help. And the kind of help he's gonna need is, he's gonna need you, not financially to help him, we're gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him.

Because it's not gonna be apparent initially, it's not gonna be apparent that we're right. Because all these decisions, all these decisions, once they're made if they work, then they weren't viewed as a crisis. If they don't work, it's viewed as you didn't make the right decision, a little bit like how we hesitated so long dealing with Bosnia and dealing with Kosovo, and consequently 200,000 people lost their lives that maybe didn't have to lose lives. It's how we made a mistake in Iraq. We made a mistake in Somalia. So there's gonna be some tough decisions. They may emanate from the Middle East. They may emanate from the sub-continent. They may emanate from Russia's newly-emboldened position because they're floating in a sea of oil.

Here are the highlighted points:

  • the world: He means Iran. After working against any real UN action against Iran he will be hoping that someone else will clean up the mess he helped make there. We are on a collision course with Iran. There will be a confrontation with Iran soon. The UN globalists & communists will allow Iran to become a nuclear power because, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Meaning, the US is the avowed enemy of the UN except for places like Australia and Japan. Note how England was excluded? Read Bolton's book. He also has a lot to say about Biden's total incompetence as well.
  • brilliant: Not true. Average intelligence. Since he's a liberal, THEY think he's brilliant. When it comes to common sense he is a lightweight who is unfamiliar with that term or its practice. Everyone thought Carter was brilliant also. Boy, were they wrong back then too.
  • a generated crisis: The conservatives and former administration will get the blame for a crisis that the libs allowed to fester.
  • use your influence: Like when FDR was faced with the moral dilemma of helping England in its hour of need? Not there. It wasn't until Hitler invaded Russia that the anti-war protesters turned to pro-war protesters. Suddenly, everyone is patriotic.
  • it's not gonna be apparent that we're right: Because it'll take some time to spin the lie. Remember when the FIRST terrorist attack on the twin towers was hushed up, covered up, and swept under the carpet? Who still believes that flight 800's gas tanks just exploded? Only two of many links: 1 and 2. Truth is, Clinton did not want to confront Iran.
  • we hesitated: You mean liberals. He lists just the top four of dozens of UN failures when a democrat was in office (or a RHINO).
  • Russia's newly-emboldened position: They're almost bankrupt, again. Putin has turned Russia back into a Socialist state. They need to expand to survive. Natural resources are all a Socialist state has, all their workers have gone home.
Bottom line: Biden's horrible foreign policy record illustrates that he know we will be attacked or be forced into a conflict because of poor foreign policy decisions. What is stunning is that he cannot connect the two that point to him and his buddies.

Obama Race Baiting Socialist

We've been led to believe that Obama has drifted into politics as an outsider. Someone who wants to 'change' the system. The more we discover, the more we are forced to realize that Obama was a radical, was attracted to like minded radicals, and has been leading the charge in one of the most corrupt, radical, areas of Chicago and the United States.

Obama wants change allright. Look at how he wants to take what you have. Look at how he want to confiscate what you have worked hard for, played by the rules for, made good choices for:


Must Read: How Libs use freedom of speech

Smear. Lie. Call Names. Gutter Politics.
Is that all the Dems are good for?

Hatin' Palin

She's not the reason Americans can't stand their politicians.

Click here for the full article
By not bothering to look very deeply at the details beneath either candidate's governing proposals, the media have created a lot of downtime to take free kicks at Gov. Palin. My former colleague, Tunku Varadarajan, has compiled a glossary of Palin invective, and I've added a few: "Republican blow-up doll," "idiot," "Christian Stepford wife," "Jesus freak," "Caribou Barbie," "a dope," "a fatal cancer to the Republican Party," "liar," "a national disgrace" and "her pretense that she is a woman."

This from the people who want 'Change'. Yeah, right...

More on Prop. 8

This is another account from shocked parents who find that their children have been forced by schools to participate. Opting out and parental notification has been made a 'non-issue'. This means that your children will be indoctrinated into the homosexual agenda WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.

For more information Click Here

Throw the Stinking Bum Out

Murtha Race Tightens After 'Racist,' 'Redneck' Remarks

Rep. John Murtha finds himself in a statistical tie in his re-election bid as Western Pennsylvanians take issue with being called "racist" by their congressman.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rep. John Murtha, who recently called constituents in his western Pennsylvania town "racist" because Barack Obama may not win big there, is 4 points ahead of his Republican challenger, retired Army Lt. Col. William Russell, within the Susquehanna Poll's 4.9-point margin of error.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ordered the poll of 400 likely voters on Tuesday as discussion centered on Murtha's comments. The 18-term Democratic congressman apologized for his initial statement by saying he meant only that skin color will be a factor in the race between Obama and John McCain. Murtha later said many Western Pennsylvanians were "rednecks" until recent years.

Russell, who served in Iraq, is the first challenger to give Murtha a run for his money in years. His campaign told the newspaper it was buoyed by another statistic in the poll -- the 54 percent of voters who said it's time someone else represented them in Congress. Thirty-five percent say Murtha, a Vietnam veteran, should be re-elected.

The poll comes as internal polling leaked from the Obama camp showed the Democratic candidate only 2 points ahead of McCain in the Keystone State, suggesting the race is much closer than the Quinnipiac poll out Thursday that shows Obama with a 13-point lead in the state.

Pennsylvania voted for Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 election, but is seen as one of the few blue states that could swing red this year. McCain has spent considerable time in the state.

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, a McCain supporter, said a lot of eyes are on Pennsylvania because of comments like Murtha's, as well as Obama's remarks about spreading the wealth and redistributing income as a means to prosperity.

"That really riles people up and they are citing that everywhere and they are upset about it," Brownback said of Murtha's remarks. "The politicians say, 'This is what I think about you folks here,' and they don't like it and they are fired up about it, and they're getting involved."

Click here to read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article on the Murtha-Russell race.

iKit The Smallest Laptop? Palmtop, what the heck it it?

Well, it's a wireless, bluetooth, Linux based, Personal Information Management (PIM) type device.
Since it'll be marketed to teens, it will play movies, IM chat, email, webcam, and take out the trash.
Forget the take out the trash, no teen or PIM will ever willingly do that.

However, going one smaller than the Asus EeePC and their rivals, this market will see more innovations than we can imagine.
Most of this stuff will be fundamentally changed as soon as a real screen solution, like VR, is made usable.
Until then, more toy than gadget than productivity enhancer, this little pup will find many a home in the sweaty hands of techno-teens.

The iKit

Liberal Trick 'r Treating

The Wave of the Future


Mormons targeted in Proposition 8 coverage

Read full story

As usual, lies go unchecked by the liberal press that accuses the LDS Church of financing the effort rather than supporting the effort.
Financing Prop. 8 or any other non-church activity would be a breach of the tax exempt status that church's hold.
Unlike, say, Unions, that routinely use union dues for liberal political agendas. Clearly a violation, but hey, they're liberal. Laws only apply to NeoCons.
Anyway, I've noticed local hit pieces protesting how the LDS is behind the dreaded pro-family religious nuts in California.
Many people donate money to the scouts, and other causes that are directed away from church funds.

For groups to say outrageous things like this, and ignore the California Teachers Union's over 1 million dollars of support, is truly stunning. Let's not forget $500,000 from the Service Employees International Union, another $250,000 from California Teachers Union this Spring. Unions, unions, unions... But one nickel from a church?!?
WSJ link

There's always homeschooling. Provided someone can afford to stay home after Obamunist tax hikes.

Government Is Never The Answer

John Stossel hits it out of the park.

20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics


Great Yard Sign

Robb and Robin's Story


Meet Robb and Robin Wirthlin of Massachusetts.
The Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal, children in Massachusetts are FORCED to read propaganda supporting homosexuality.
This is no fluke, the goal of the homosexual agenda is recruit, recruit, recruit.

From: ProtectMarriage.com

Just as opponents of Proposition 8 are airing television commercials labeling as a lie the claim that gay marriage will be taught in California public schools unless Proposition 8 is passed, a Massachusetts couple is appearing in a powerful new 'Yes on 8' television ad that begins airing today explaining that gay marriage was taught to their seven year old son and his classmates in second grade. Massachusetts legalized gay marriage in 2003 and their public schools actively instruct young children on gay marriage.

Robb and Robin Wirthlin's seven year old son, Joey, came home from school one day to tell them his teacher had read the class a book about a prince who married another prince and the two men went on to become, "King and King." The book includes a scene of the two male princes kissing each other.

When the Wirthlins contacted school officials to complain about gay marriage being forced on young children in the Massachusetts public schools, they were told they had no right to control the curriculum, no right to be notified when gay marriage might be taught in school, and no right to pull their child from class.

The Wirthlins courageously decided to fight the system, and filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston. Unfortunately, both the district court and the Court of Appeals ruled against them, stating that parents had no right to be notified of this instruction or to remove their children from class while gay marriage was being taught. Just a few days ago the United States Supreme Court refused to hear their case.

The impact of gay marriage on California public schools has emerged as the top issue in the Proposition 8 campaign. Opponents of 8 claim that "Prop. 8 has nothing to do with schools" but as the Wirthlins' experience in Massachusetts shows, it has everything to do with schools.

Ironically, the frantic efforts by the No on 8 campaign to deny any connection between gay marriage and public schools was totally undercut when a public school in San Francisco escorted a first grade class on a field trip to City Hall in order to witness a lesbian wedding officiated by Mayor Gavin Newsom. School officials defended their decision as providing the young children with a "teachable moment."

One of the top leaders of the No on 8 campaign called the lesbian wedding field trip a "public relations disaster." But that is not stopping them from continuing to deny that gay marriage will be taught in public schools unless Proposition 8 is passed.


Teachers Unions vs Protect Marriage

Let's be clear, Roy Jr. High has one of the highest percentages of union membership in the district.

When, not if, this comes to Utah the unions will be front and center, using those union dues to finance this.


CA Teachers Union Ignites 'Class Warfare' over Prop 8

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the California Teacher's Association (CTA) has no intention of masking its agenda on marriage. The 340,000-member organization -- long considered a powerful branch of the radical Left -- took a risky step yesterday by donating a million dollars to defeat Proposition 8. The gift, which is now the largest contribution by any institutional donor to the ballot issue, raises the stakes in an already tense battle for parents' rights. 

The CTA's own members, whose dues are fueling this opposition, are fuming. Many, like Randy Peart, are questioning what same-sex "marriage" has to do with education. "It bothers me [that they're] spend[ing] my money on something I'm morally opposed to," she said. "Why not put that money into classrooms, into making a better place for these kids?" But according to CTA President David Sanchez, "...[I]t's a civil rights issue." And he's right. This is a civil rights issue -- for children who deserve to be raised by a mother and father. 

The donation, CTA's second, should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who doesn't believe that schools are becoming dangerous incubators for the homosexual cause. If the union will stoop to using its dues to promote the homosexual agenda, then you can bet it will have no reservations about using its classrooms. Just last week, a San Francisco administrator took first graders on a field trip to their teacher's lesbian "wedding." How's that for indoctrination? 

If California schools are promoting "teachable moments" like this for five- and six-year-olds, imagine what the middle and high school curriculums will look like! This is much more than a battle for marriage. It's a last stand for education and parents' rights. The CTA's million dollars will go a long way to undermining the truth. California families need your help! Log on towww.protectmarriage.com and educate yourself about the issues at stake in this fight.