Robb and Robin's Story


Meet Robb and Robin Wirthlin of Massachusetts.
The Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal, children in Massachusetts are FORCED to read propaganda supporting homosexuality.
This is no fluke, the goal of the homosexual agenda is recruit, recruit, recruit.

From: ProtectMarriage.com

Just as opponents of Proposition 8 are airing television commercials labeling as a lie the claim that gay marriage will be taught in California public schools unless Proposition 8 is passed, a Massachusetts couple is appearing in a powerful new 'Yes on 8' television ad that begins airing today explaining that gay marriage was taught to their seven year old son and his classmates in second grade. Massachusetts legalized gay marriage in 2003 and their public schools actively instruct young children on gay marriage.

Robb and Robin Wirthlin's seven year old son, Joey, came home from school one day to tell them his teacher had read the class a book about a prince who married another prince and the two men went on to become, "King and King." The book includes a scene of the two male princes kissing each other.

When the Wirthlins contacted school officials to complain about gay marriage being forced on young children in the Massachusetts public schools, they were told they had no right to control the curriculum, no right to be notified when gay marriage might be taught in school, and no right to pull their child from class.

The Wirthlins courageously decided to fight the system, and filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston. Unfortunately, both the district court and the Court of Appeals ruled against them, stating that parents had no right to be notified of this instruction or to remove their children from class while gay marriage was being taught. Just a few days ago the United States Supreme Court refused to hear their case.

The impact of gay marriage on California public schools has emerged as the top issue in the Proposition 8 campaign. Opponents of 8 claim that "Prop. 8 has nothing to do with schools" but as the Wirthlins' experience in Massachusetts shows, it has everything to do with schools.

Ironically, the frantic efforts by the No on 8 campaign to deny any connection between gay marriage and public schools was totally undercut when a public school in San Francisco escorted a first grade class on a field trip to City Hall in order to witness a lesbian wedding officiated by Mayor Gavin Newsom. School officials defended their decision as providing the young children with a "teachable moment."

One of the top leaders of the No on 8 campaign called the lesbian wedding field trip a "public relations disaster." But that is not stopping them from continuing to deny that gay marriage will be taught in public schools unless Proposition 8 is passed.

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