iKit The Smallest Laptop? Palmtop, what the heck it it?

Well, it's a wireless, bluetooth, Linux based, Personal Information Management (PIM) type device.
Since it'll be marketed to teens, it will play movies, IM chat, email, webcam, and take out the trash.
Forget the take out the trash, no teen or PIM will ever willingly do that.

However, going one smaller than the Asus EeePC and their rivals, this market will see more innovations than we can imagine.
Most of this stuff will be fundamentally changed as soon as a real screen solution, like VR, is made usable.
Until then, more toy than gadget than productivity enhancer, this little pup will find many a home in the sweaty hands of techno-teens.

The iKit


khalani armstrong said...
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khalani armstrong said...

How much it cost?