Must Read: How Libs use freedom of speech

Smear. Lie. Call Names. Gutter Politics.
Is that all the Dems are good for?

Hatin' Palin

She's not the reason Americans can't stand their politicians.

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By not bothering to look very deeply at the details beneath either candidate's governing proposals, the media have created a lot of downtime to take free kicks at Gov. Palin. My former colleague, Tunku Varadarajan, has compiled a glossary of Palin invective, and I've added a few: "Republican blow-up doll," "idiot," "Christian Stepford wife," "Jesus freak," "Caribou Barbie," "a dope," "a fatal cancer to the Republican Party," "liar," "a national disgrace" and "her pretense that she is a woman."

This from the people who want 'Change'. Yeah, right...

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