Mormons targeted in Proposition 8 coverage

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As usual, lies go unchecked by the liberal press that accuses the LDS Church of financing the effort rather than supporting the effort.
Financing Prop. 8 or any other non-church activity would be a breach of the tax exempt status that church's hold.
Unlike, say, Unions, that routinely use union dues for liberal political agendas. Clearly a violation, but hey, they're liberal. Laws only apply to NeoCons.
Anyway, I've noticed local hit pieces protesting how the LDS is behind the dreaded pro-family religious nuts in California.
Many people donate money to the scouts, and other causes that are directed away from church funds.

For groups to say outrageous things like this, and ignore the California Teachers Union's over 1 million dollars of support, is truly stunning. Let's not forget $500,000 from the Service Employees International Union, another $250,000 from California Teachers Union this Spring. Unions, unions, unions... But one nickel from a church?!?
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There's always homeschooling. Provided someone can afford to stay home after Obamunist tax hikes.

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