Vote Values, Vote For What You Believe In.

I suppose that everyone votes for what they believe in. At least here in America. Some people believe in nothing and their vote usually goes for the nihilist. Since the beginning of time, evil has known this also. Evil must lie and deceive; it threatens, coheres, and creates chaos. Same with CNN, some say. The tares grow next to the wheat. Lies stand beside the truth. Lies wear the popular clothing of the day. Truth is plainly dressed. Lies mock. Truth invites.

This video explains that all people must line up what things they consider important and thoughtfully compare all choices. Don't just emotionally exclaim, "I want change!" That means nothing.
Less than nothing. Change is equal to chaos when it has no moral grounding. It is revolution, bloodshed, upheaval.

Good change is a process. It is truthful, considerate, and realizes that everything it chooses necessarily means that another was shunned. A wise man considers the cost and then makes the change. Only a fool will tear his house down for change only to realize that he didn't count the cost.

What is important to YOU? What things do you value? What are you grateful for? Can you count the cost and decide rationally? Visit this site for more info Click Here

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