Steven King Bashes GOP... For Not Giving Enough to Charity

Idiots on Parade...

I guess nobody told Steven King that conservatives VASTLY OUTSPEND LIBS IN PER-CAPITA CHARITABLE DONATIONS. Especially to the poor.

Should be on the NewYorkTimes: "Steven King Volunteers His Wealth to Taxes."

Did he consider that his elitist Limousine Liberal pals might not like that idea?

The idea that the self hating non producing rich seeks to destroy itself is axiomatic by now. With Marx’s circular logic feeding their loathing, it is still going strong. Getting too much too soon often produces ingratitude. With ingratitude a person looses all sense of charity and expects someone else to do it all for him.

That is the moral dilemma that people like S.K. can’t work their way out of. Stealing from ‘the rich’ means them, but not THEM, the other them; like those them over there, the bad them.
Look in the mirror buddy, YOU ARE the "Bad Them".

Oh, and this: Obamacare a ‘Platform’ for Socialized Medicine — Rep. Conyers Makes Startling Admission