Joe the Plumber on Neil Cavuto

Why don't we have 10,000 guys like that getting the word out? The message they all would have would be the same, "Think!"

Think: If Joe makes $X, and it costs $Y to pay your employees FIRST, then taxes, and finally yourself. Most people I know have to file extensions to keep their employees in hay while they continue to sacrifice.
On the books it looks like you are making bank, but it's all tied up in responsibility.

Obama says "Now government will be First. What's left over can go to your employees, if you can afford them, and finally you."

Think: If your employer isn't making any money, how can you? If you are self employed and your profits are being gobbled up by another Clinton-style government power grab, what can you afford? Will you raise prices? What can the market bear? The Obama tax hikes will be worse than the Clinton tax hikes. With a Democrat majority, and a fascist president, what do you THINK will happen?

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