McCain's Links to Terrorists!

Just kidding.
We are really speaking of Obama. But, wouldn't that be a salacious bit of gossip the MSM would die for?

It seemed that way when reporters, private detectives, computer hackers and dumpster divers, all converged on Alaska looking for the least amount of dirt on Sarah Palin. All they found was that she wanted a trooper fired for driving drunk and tasering his 10 yr. old step-son.

Do you want outrageous stories of vast, economy wrecking proportion? How about terrorists who openly declare that they didn't do enough? (Uh, that's foreign AND domestic) Or filthy land deals and political pay offs done in plain sight. Why not throw in representing an organization that coordinated vast nation wide voter fraud? Let's investigate the most liberal member of the Congress, who is more socialist than the only socialist there, Bernie Saunders! As a matter of fact, that presidential candidate was a member of the Socialist New Party back when Clinton was President.

Nah, we'd rather beat up a plumber and a hockey-mom.

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