Obama Thugocracy vs Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber has become a bit of a folk hero for the right. He wants to buy a plumbing business worth $250k. That's not much. I know people who have businesses worth double, triple, ten times, that amount and after payroll, taxes, more taxes, even more taxes, oh and what's left to plow back into the business, there might be some to take home. I'll never forget Hillary's glib answer to virtually the same question posed to her ten years ago when discussing mandated health premiums: "I can't help it if you're under capitalized". Money does grow on trees for Democrats because all they have to do is demand it from real producers, like Joe. That's why the Obama Thugocracy is such a great term (Michael Barone). It's a shake down of the American WORKER that goes to the American TAKER. They'd rather destroy the credibility of a plumber than fess up to the fact that they only see him as chattel. Lorie Byrd and Michelle Malkin have some interesting things to say as well.

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