Prop. 8 Opponents Lying On Important Facts

Recently, the VoteNoOn8 people have been trotting out all the usual shills for the homosexual marriage cause. It can be remembered that in Boston the same lies have been told, namely that homosexual marriage will not be taught and propaganda not distributed.
This is, of course, a bald faced lie, they already are doing those very things. The very fact that in SF school children were bussed to city hall to see their lesbian teacher marry her partner is proof that they can't wait to get to your kids. It's all about recruitment.
Do you want your kids to learn the basics (which they are widely not), or sit in a warehouse for eight hours being indoctrinated (which they widely are)?
These are the same people who have tried to destroy religion, with their intolerance, only to replace it with something intolerable. SSM is a bad idea and should be aborted.

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