Prop 8 Upheld: All Win

Prop 8 upheld in the California Supreme Court by a 6-1 vote.
From 160 (PDF version)

Although this initiative process was thereby instituted as a remedy for government corruption, and to free legislation from the influence of powerful special interests and the Legislature's own self-serving inertia, there is no indication that this process was intended to prevent courts from performing their traditional constitutional function of protecting persecuted minorities from the majority will. There is a fundamental difference between preventing politically powerful minorities from unduly influencing legislative and judicial decisions on the one hand, and preventing courts from protecting the rights of disfavored minorities unable to obtain equal rights through the usual majoritarian processes on the other.

This is a victory for the people who are tired of being bullied by small, obnoxious, special interest groups. Forget the homosexual ideology, the same law-bending practices are evident in topics like illegal aliens, late term abortion, and hate crimes.
Most Americans just want a society that all play by the same rules. That lock up criminals that don't. That reward and promote good decision making.

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