ABC Shilling for Gun Control

The mendacity of ABC is already well known.
Their 20/20 piece on guns takes them to a lower level yet.
In John Lott's examination of ABC's shameful hit piece on our 2nd Ammendment rights he compares it to their onetime low of faking the exploding gas tanks.
Once again, they are willing to make outrageous statements like, "If you are wondering where are all the studies about the effectiveness of gunes used by ordinary Americans for self-defense, well keep searching, we could not find one reliable study and the ones we found were contradictory."
Mr. Lott cites 26.
The word obdurate can apply to these who will always remain indestructibly ignorant of the truth.
One thing I found interesting was that the Columbine shooting spree coincided with the day that the "state legislature had scheduled final passage of the concealed handgun law."
He also dispels the myth about gunshows being a haven for illegal gun purchases.
All in all, I find ABC despicable in their abandonment of even rudimentary journalistic ethics.

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