Oldie but a goodie

This clip is about a year old. The Amnesty Bill was not passed, thank god. However, thanks to the recent elections full of hope and change *read: taxes & socialism, this bill will again come to the floor in another form.
Just as the 'Hate Crimes' bill (as opposed to 'Love Crimes'--those are okay), and the 'Fairness' bill, these are centered around THOUGHT CRIMES. If you THINK there is something wrong with any of those boneheaded ideas you will be treated as a criminal.
In many communities, like Berkley and Santa Monica, just noticing that Rome is burning will get you targeted, with your name and address on activists google maps to boot! (That's jack-boot)
Please remember that if you think this stuff is wrong and downright evil, you are among the vast majority of Americans.
You work, have families, and usually go to church (or at least contribute to related causes). Most of these people don't like being called conservative, or neo-con, or republican, any more than they would like being called stingy, mean, or intolerant. These are names crafted to shut you up. Stop being cowed by the minority nutters who are all mouth and no mind.

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