More on Black Car Ban

At first, we all thought this was an April Fool's joke. Coming from the halls of academia, nowadays, it is difficult to sift through all the absurd just to find something ridiculous.

However, Daniel Sperling has created a considerable uproar with his proposal to ban black cars in California. Why? Because they absorb more heat and use more air conditioning to keep cool. That uses more gas and using gas is bad.

What will be interesting is how this is implemented since many people will insist on purchasing 'cars of color'. Like the KNOX device, and other California after market albatrosses, the coating will have to be applied after production and probably somewhere in California. This will create problems with the already draconian Coatings Rules In California, where not so much as a fart goes unregulated.

Since California is so heavily populated in some areas, and the freeway system was intentionally made inadequate, (didn't know that? Ask Jerry), so as to curtail vast expansion into the surrounding environments, there are a lot of cars sitting on one place. In fact, you have millions of cars idling on freeways that are falling apart (and that's another issue).

Bottom line: Painting a car 'muddy brown' so that it will use less air conditioning in the middle of rush hour can only come from the mind of someone who thinks that more and more regulations will set the people free.

California has the worst credit rating in the union. Businesses are so over regulated and over taxed that people are fleeing in droves.

What Sperling needs to realize is that every week some doomsayer comes along with another book that feeds institutional cynicism, creates panic, and costs tons of money.

Thanks for nothing, Dan. And the guy who appointed you, Arnold


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