Merry Christmas Jews: Hamas pounds Israel in biggest rocket barrage since 'cease fire'.

Israel Hit by Biggest Gaza Rocket Barrage Since Cease-Fire
In Islam, cease fire translates: "Time to reload".
General Franks was right when he said regarding such Islamofacists, "They will have to be crushed".
Not talked to, appeased, or reasoned with. Not even the Obamessiah will be able to charm these animals who routinely murder innocent women and children. Not to mention their own wives and daughters.

Merry Christmas from Hamas, practitioners of the 'religion of peace'.

Update: After a few days of warnings by Olmert, the IDF is finally given power to respond.
Suddenly, to everyone's non-surprise, Israel becomes the focus of all meida attention because they have finally gone after Hamas. Hundreds of so-called journalists cut 'n paste the Al Jazeera propaganda from Palestine to showcase Israel's warmongering intolerance.

Where were all the reports when over six thousand missiles have been launched at Israel?
SIX THOUSAND is the conservative report and could go much higher.
This has been going on for over three years!

Murdering Islamo-fascists get free passes and Israel gets the blame.

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