Earth now cooling!

What is AlGore going to do now? I noticed that Nickelodeon has jumped on the global warming bandwagon with their 'Carbon Monsters' and around the world children have been encouraged to turn their parents in for ecological crimes.

Scientists, real ones that is, have been saying all along that it is sunspots activity that determines climate change. Otherwise, why would every planet in the solar system have corresponding trends with the earths?

Despite rising carbon dioxide levels, the Earth has actually been cooling -- not warming -- since 1998, when the warming trend peaked in conjunction with heightened sunspot activity.

It appears that 2008, the National Climatic Data Center now says, will go down as the coldest year in a decade.

So, what will the hack politicians, junk scientists, and watermelons (green on the outside, red inside) all have to say about this? "This just proves how serious this is", huh?

Read State of Fear by Michael Crichton. He has been predicting what these slimy, money grubbing, hacks will do next years ago.

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