Herman's Harem

Yet another woman comes forward. This one claiming to have had a 13 year affair with the multi-tasking presidential candidate. Either this frisky front runner has a social calendar that looks like that of a dentist who takes medicare, or there are a lot of people who don't want to see a conservative black man in the race.

Whether those would be DNC, or GOP, or both, remains to probably never be seen.

What is clear at this point is:
Herman, you should have run as a Democrat.
Your alleged sexual prowess would have made you a liberal's super star. Your ascension to the presidency would have been a lock.
Bill Clinton, JFK, LBJ, etc., stand aside. Herman's got you beat by a mile.

What is most puzzling about this whole thing is how much this reminds me of the Clarance Thomas kerfuffle. Women popping up like 'Whack-a-Mole', all with financial problems. Anita Hill, for example, wasn't someone anybody wanted on their team, but was good enough for a cush job as a legal professor after the hit was over.

Journalists seem attracted to the same old stories that the racist Democrats loved in the 1800's: The amorous black man stealing the white plantation owner's daughter. Why they still love that story tells us more about who journalists are today than who Herman Cain was a decade ago.

I suspect that Herman may have been careless in the manner in which he handled himself around women. Restaurants aren't exactly the place to find a Harvard grad, unless she was an art major -- but I digress. There may be an abundance of women tired of smelling like the 'soup du jour' and see this as a way out.

Wasn't it Democrat strategist James Carville who said about Bill's trysts, that finding women like this to come forward was as easy as "Dragging a $100 Bill through a trailer park"? But, with Bill there were other witnesses, hush money was paid, threats were made, and many uncooperative folks ended up dead. Especially cops, who can be very influential where testimony is concerned.

Not one member of Herman's Harem seem to mention any hush-money, or any attempt at containment. It's like he never saw any of this coming.

Just sayin'

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