Why We All Need To Pay More Taxes

It's apparent that we all need to pay more taxes. A whole lot more.


  • Not for much needed upkeep of our roads, bridges, and highways. (That's a State issue anyway)
  • Not for a viable space program that emphasizes scientific progress and economic innovation. (Should be privatized today)
  • Not for the best military in the world, and providing the tools for their protection. (One of the THREE constitutional duties of the Federal Gvmt)
  • Not for maintaining law and order, and crafting fair law applicable for all US Citizens. (That's #2, and completely neglected as well)
  • Not for regulating the supply and stability of a national currency. (#3 and, well, let's ask FDR about that one)

No, we need to pay more taxes for ENTITLEMENTS which will gobble up 58% of the budget.

And, here is the perfect example:

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