Atheists to Fly July 4 Airplane Banners in 27 States: ‘God-LESS America,‘ ’Atheism is Patriotic’

Posted on July 1, 2011 at 7:13pm

…There [is] no law against a man’s belief…
That is the loophole and I don’t have a problem with that. Atheism by its very definition is a philosophy and a belief. By saying that one ‘believes’ that there is no god, they embrace a counter set of beliefs. It is when one hides their beliefs and ridicules another that lies begin to be told. Unfortunately, atheism cannot stand without leaning on a belief in God, and then attacking God for being God.
It’s like how C.S. Lewis puts it, how can you recognize a crooked line without knowing what a straight line is?
If atheists want to promote their beliefs, let them do so; without an appeal to the existence of God.
Now, try not to think of shooting an elephant…

Now the story (always read the end first, then work upwards)

Here is the meat of the story: Atheists are claiming 'persecution' because those intolerant Christians won't help them ridicule Christian beliefs.

Imagine that...

But, the campaign hasn‘t even been implemented yet and it’s already off to a rocky start. According to Justin Jaye of Fly Signs Aerial Advertising, the guy who helped organize the nation-wide blitz, of the 85 people in the nation who are able to fly these banner-bearing planes, only 17 agreed to participate. The fear of public reaction and the confines of personal religious belief led the majority of these individuals to refuse service. SeattleWeekly.com has more:

Scott…tells Seattle Weekly that in larger cities and more liberal areas, he had no trouble finding pilots to take the banners to the sky. But in Southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and other conservative states like Montana, Kansas, and Utah, there apparently wasn’t a single pilot to be found who would fly a banner promoting atheism.

...“This is a clear reminder of why we need to keep fighting because the bigotry against us is so thick that a lot of the pilots are afraid to fly our banners.”


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