Lurid Rapper Gets an Invite to da' House

First off, apparently it's okay to promote illegal guns, president burning, cop killing, gang violence, and other incoherent bumptiousness, as long as.. What? How much further can Americans retreat?

While owning legal firearms, praising Presidents who once supported the Constitution, assisting and not 'overworking' our local law enforcement, and other *gasp* Christian activities, are considered 'terroristic' according to those same people.

Just what have we become? We demand social justice at the expense of the just. We demand fairness at the expense of those who deserve it the most. We enforce a twisted sense of morality that is arbitrary and twisted.

We pay out trillions of undeserved entitlements, kill our own posterity, and heap blame upon those who are simply aghast spectators of the world's greatest nation imploding. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin will catch hell for criticizing this abomination and we'll just keep moving along.

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