That wasn't an earthquake at Target last month

When I first saw this I thought, "Doesn't California have enough earthquakes?!"
Second question was simply, where did all the funding come from? Who organized this? Who bought all those bagged lunches and hired the buses to drive them in from their gated enclaves?

Of course, SEIU.

I've seen this kind of crowd before; upper East Bench housewives with nothing to do and full of self-righteous-do-gooderism born of a complete ignorance for how the real world works. A catered protest where they have to be transported some distance to be among their commoner serfs is so full of hypocrisy that one struggles to understand. But, there is nothing to understand. It is self loathing and visceral. A flash in the pan, no skin in the game, pot stirring.

They protest loudly, ruin everyone else's day, and then after a safe bus ride to a more safe part of town, smugly hop into their Volvo SUV's and drive home in time to yell at the maid for not preparing dinner before young Heathclif has to make his no-score soccer game at the club.

Marx, Freud, and Progressives generally, have all always found a wealth of 'useful idiots' to whip up into a mindless emotional frenzy among the ranks of ungrateful elitists.

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