The Octopus: $200 Million Well Spent?


What is interesting is the scale and who really benefits.
We consider this an excess, but to Paul Allen, it would be like us going out and buying a toy boat.

If Paul's worth is $200b that is 100,000 percent of $200m. Paul could buy 1,000 yachts.

Unlike most of us, he can employ hundreds of thousands of people directly and indirectly. So, 200 billion is actually tied up in utilizing their productivity and creating more wealth.
So, this is not static wealth, but dynamic wealth.

Compare this to the stimulus, which consists of money confiscated from productive people by an organization that by law cannot produce anything for profit -- government.
When the government says that it is investing in anything, that is not true. Government can only fund projects that by law cannot return that funding.

Said stimulus is then lavished, not invested, on bogus programs that only exist for reelecting the same people intent of stealing more dynamic wealth and converting it into even more static wealth.

People bitch about oppression, but don't realize that more government only means more oppression. Who wants to risk anything only to have it confiscated by a government or a warlord being supported by that government?

Take your time, I can wait...

I wish we had more like Paul Allen.

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