America’s New Year's Unemployment Hangover

America’s New Year's Unemployment Hangover
This chart says it all. Every episode of high unemployment was caused by big government. Since FDR tried to spend his way our of Hardings similar approach, we've lost jobs. Carter shows up as the worst in recent history only to be eclipsed by Obama in terms of depth and duration.

Let's not forget that places like California have extended unemployment and told people who have last their jobs to NOT LOOK for at least six months to a year.

What has effectively taken place is a massive understated number. Easily proven, at least one in three people who are unemployed are actually counted as being unemployed.

Most households are now relying on at least two incomes and sometimes three or four. Meanwhile our teenage population, most of whom were employed at jobs Mexicans are now doing illegally, are not working. Instead of seeing young people in their early 20's bagging your groceries or greeting you at the Cosco door, you now have old age people who should be enjoying a quiet retirement.

What the hell has happened?

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