Barney Frank Present for Partner's Pot Bust

Barney Frank Present for Partner's Pot Bust - Link to article technorati

What the headline would read had Barney been a Republican:

Conservative Republican Frank's Homosexual Lover Jailed for Illicit Drug Production Facility.
Senate Censure Hearings Scheduled Tomorrow.

And after beating this to death for the next three weeks:
Disgraced Conservative Republican Frank to Announce Resignation Over Homosexual Drug Escapades.
Speaker Pelosi Appalled by Blatant Disregard of Senate Ethics.

Story line reads:
After years of corruption and a troubled past with law enforcement, Senator Barney Frank (Republican-NY) has been forced to step down, "For the good of the Country".
Starting with an arrest in the early 90's, when Frank's homosexual lover was running a gay prostitution ring out of their domicile in NY, to running a drug ring in Maine that included growing and harvesting crops of marijuana, Frank's police record reads like a two-bit felon.

Add to that the years of wildly unethical behavior as a US Senator, including taking massive bribes, using financial institutions that he was instrumental in regulating for his own personal gain, and blocking investigations that would reveal such.

All in all, Senator Frank has disgraced the honorable position in the US Senate that he held for long enough.

We here at the Neeu Yak Timmeys support his immediate ouster.

There is word that Scuzzyfaluzza is looking for work too...

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