Coming to a Obamaspital Near You

What struck me was this comment from a doctor in the UK:
"In 1984 I went onto a ward in a hospital to look after the elderly. I went into a side ward to look after a patient. She was an elderly patient who had suffered a stroke. As part of my care I gave her a drink of water. I was called to the Sisters office and told I was not to go to that patient again because she was to be left to die. She could be turned and given other care but no food and no fliuds. She took 14 days to die. I am now 71, and I will never forget this lady and the way she sucked at the toothbrush to get fluid."
When US aid was lavished on war-torn Europe, England wasted most of their funds on socialism. The socialization of medicine was at first a hit there. Euthanasia was a big hit in Europe as well. The Nazis enjoyed it immensely. The further removed from Christianity a country becomes, the less valuable our elderly and children become.

Anyway, here's the article from the Telegraph (UK):
Basically, the guy has a stroke and is locked up in the hospital with no food or drink, but plenty of morphine, and left to die.
The scheme encourages doctors and other health care staff to consider removing medication, fluids and other treatments that no longer benefit the patient.
Eating someone else's food, that no longer benefits you, since you are deemed 'unworthy' to continue wasting limited resources, is right out of the Human Secularist playbook.
Some healthcare system, eh?

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