Democrats: Party of the Little Guy

And other lies.

This is just another reason why Democrats who claim to be for the little guy are so used to lying that they ignore the monsters they support.

Neal A. Maxwell - "The great physician, Dr. Henry G. Armitage, Jr., states, 'Not without comment shall it come to pass that a state (so fretful for the preservation of the praying mantis but holding an unborn baby to be of no account) can send a spark of immortality swinging out into limbo and conspire with citizen and physician to turn a fragile, living object of simple innocence and complex wonder into a pathetic pulp and consign it by rude and peremptory passage to the furnace or sewer — unknown, unwanted [and] undefended.' He further questions how a woman as 'the fertile adornment of our race can be deluded into the notion that she is a mere poetress of unwanted luggage or be by blandishment seduced into believing that she has dominion over life not her own.' He says, 'An abortion is never commonplace, for the world holds no heartbreak like the death of innocence.'"

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