Terrorist Preparedness Bill

Okay, what's this all about?
Any ideas?
Body bags, [classified]. Biological weapons...

Rep. John Haller Introduces A Bill ---

Congress will now vote for approval of HR8791, the "Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill." Said bill requests emergency response funding, up to and including -- ah... I'm sorry this section is classified -- ah, dollars to prepare for a national level terrorist attack and or attacks from ... [CLASSIFIED]. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than eighty percent of national population being effected by [CLASSIFIED]. This funding shall convenes in conjunction with the first attack on [CLASSIFIED], or the first large scale outbreak of [CLASSIFIED], dependent upon which comes first...

...Should event occur in urban areas... Jesus... -long pause- ah... that's classified... far surpassing our darkest nightmares. Should casualties exceed [CLASSIFIED] body disposal actions shall be halted and associated resources shall be reallocated through [CLASSIFIED] underground [CLASSIFIED] protected birthing centers. -ah- New Bill of Rights shall drafted and approved by [CLASSIFIED].

For more information regarding this shocking bill, go to: http://tinyurl.com/2zwxk9
p.s. John Murtha is from Penn dist 12...

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