Steam Car: a vision of the future

Yes, now every good Obamunist may have a truly renewable fuel: water and hot air.

"We reached nearly 60mph on the first test before I applied the parachute..."

No way! 60? That's not just fast, that's Jimmy Crack Carter fast!

British Steam Car Challenge

Weighing three tons, the sleek British Steam Car is made from a mixture of lightweight carbon-fibre composite and aluminium wrapped around a steel space frame chassis. It is fitted with 12 boilers containing nearly two miles of tubing. Demineralised water is pumped into the boilers at up to 50 litres a minute and the burners produce three megawatts of heat. Steam is superheated to 400 degrees Celsius which is injected into the turbine at more than twice the speed of sound, according to a team spokesman.

Now, on the serious side. For a bunch of guys who are trying to break a 100+ year record: go for it.
What with all the government control of our automakers, and Queen Pelosi making schizophrenic declarations about 'green' this and 'green' that, it won't come as a surprise to see someone from the alabaster palace making note of this.

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