Death to you, and you, and oh... you too!

WaPo:The Free World Bars Free Speech

So, the Muslim community is for free speech as long as they agree with it. Of course, the trouble all started at the UN. Un-United Nations since most are totalitarian thugocracys.

"the Western world has listened aghast to stories out of Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations of citizens being imprisoned or executed for questioning or offending Islam. Even the most seemingly minor infractions elicit draconian punishments."

"The U.N. resolution... is backed by countries such as Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive nations when it comes to the free exercise of religion. Blasphemers there are frequently executed."

"Even countries that the United States has helped liberate have joined the assault on free speech, rejecting the core values of our First Amendment."

Sound like tolerant Liberal thinkers to me...

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