Yucking it up the 'The Teleprompter'

Laugh it up.
Obama was so glib about numerous crisis that Kroft eventually asked Prompter, "are you punch drunk?"
No, he's just a narcissistic elitist who isn't concerned about it.
AND REMEMBER, THE AIG DEBACLE WAS CHRIS DODD'S FAULT. Dodd intentionally wrote in bonus stipulations and when the people found out, he started screaming like a little girl. (see below)
Dodd is also one of the top five corrupt meddlers in congress who caused the housing market failure that led to AIG's collapse in the first place.
But back to the Prompter in Chief...

His apparent lack of concern with vital market forces has led even his own water carriers of the MSM to back off and wonder out loud, "What the hell is he thinking?"
Nothing about you or this country seems certain.

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