The 'Crotch' Salute

Fort Hood Ceremony
The following is considered a hoax. But, how does that explain that everyone is either saluting or has their hand over their heart, EXCEPT for the leader of America?
Our liberal quisling friends are quick to point out that B.O. had blue tie the day in question.
That's nice. Where are the pictures of him saluting then?

Evasion of the main point is called, 'begging the question'. In their case I'd call it buggering.

POTUSA (President of the United States of America ) at Ft. Hood , Texas on Nov. 11, 2009 ... "Honoring" the 13 dead. Obama refuses to salute, come to attention, or even place his hand on his heart as the honor guard passes at the Memorial Service for those killed by a fellow Muslim terrorist at Fort Hood!

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